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How to Draw a Sword

how to draw a sword

As part of my drawing guides, I showed you how to draw Darth Vader and a dragonborn, and now I want to show how to draw a long sword.

The fact is that I love all kinds of geek stuff, whether it’s fantasy RPGs or Star Wars. And there is a thing that combines these distant topics – the sword. It will be a very simple drawing guide, and I will try to show you how I draw a sword.


Stage 1

The first step is to portray a pommel. In my example, it looks like a simple ball. But in the history of mankind, there were a variety of other types of this detail of the sword.

how to draw a sword for beginners

Stage 2

Now, using two slightly curved lines, depict the sword grip. The length of this part varies greatly, depending on whether you draw a short sword or a long sword.

how to draw a sword step by step

Stage 3

Now is the easiest part of the guide on how to draw a sword. Just depict a narrow and elongated rectangle, which is a guard (or cross). For eastern swords, this detail looks more sinuous and curved.

how to draw a sword

Stage 4

Now, using two long and thin lines, draw the blade of the sword. This detail is also very different depending on whether you draw a long sword or a short sword. By the way, eastern swords have a more curved blade, for example, a katana.

how to draw a sword easy

Stage 5

This stage of the guide on how to draw a sword will be super simple because here you just need to portray a point. The tip can have a very different angle.

how to draw a crossguard sword

Stage 6

On the handle, depict a large number of oblique lines, that represent a wrapper. Now in the central part of the blade depict a fuller.

how to draw a cool sword

Stage 7

Now we need to make the drawing of the sword more beautiful. For this, I decided to add colors, shadows and highlights. The sword can be either in the colors shown below or has any other color palette.

how to draw a sword

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