Here’s my First Painted Warhammer 40k Miniature!)

Most of us, who plays Warhammer table-top game, are painting our miniatures. I think everyone’s first miniature was painted really horrible! My first painted WH40k miniature was a Space Marine, here’s how this poor fellow looks like:

my first warhammer 40k figure!

And from behind:

my first warhammer 40k figure from behind

Don’t ask me why there are the safety matches in the frame and why they are burned, I don’t remember how could I use them in the painting process)

You are mistaken if you think that I did not do something like that afterward! My next victim was this tau guy from the fire warriors box set:

my first fire warrior figure

From a different angle:

my first fire warrior figure from a different angle

I did not have much time for learning to paint miniatures normally, as I had to abandon my hobby because of my work. This break lasted more than a year. When I returned for the hobby, my painting results began to improve quite quickly. I’m still very far away from the results, which can be called good, but I have learned to paint more or less accurately. Here are some of my last miniatures.

Space marine primaris intercessor:

Space Marine Intercessor normally painted

From behind:

Space Marine Intercessor normally painted from behind

Tau fire warrior:

fire warrior normally painted

From a different angle:

fire warrior normally painted from a different angle:

From one more different angle:

fire warrior another photo

The last photo:

fire warrior normally painted from behind

Table-top Warhammer is an amazing game and it becomes even more spectacular when you playing with painted models! Do not worry if your first figures are not too neat. Watch video lessons, practice and the results will not keep you waiting!

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