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How to Draw a Goblin from Warhammer

how to draw a goblin from warhammer

In this drawing guide, we will tell you about how to draw a goblin from Warhammer Fantasy universe. The goblins from this world are very similar to the classic goblins who you could see in other fantasy universes.


Step 1

First, we outline the outline of our character in the form of a stickman. This will help us immediately identify the features of the figure and posture. And in our case, there are quite a few features. The growth of our character barely reaches the sum of the lengths of four heads. You may also notice a complete lack of neck. The head is not located above the chest but from the side relative to the chest.

how to draw a goblin warhammer fantasy

Step 2

Sow we outline the contours of the main parts of the body to create a three-dimensional silhouette. In this step, we outline the main features of the individual parts of the body. For example, we see a long lower jaw and thin arms and legs that look like thin cylinders. Large joints look like small balls.

The line of the eyes should be raised very high, almost at the forehead.

warhammer fantasy how to draw a goblin

Step 3

We try to adhere to one algorithm and move in the direction from head to foot. Now we move on to detail, and we will begin, of course, from the head. So we draw a long, curved nose, large pointed ears and a frowning evil eye.

warhammer fantasy goblin drawing

Step 4

Remember, in the second step we talked about the elongated lower jaw? Now we will draw a large, elongated mouth that should occupy the entire space of the lower part of the head. Do not forget about the light contours of the lower lip and long sharp teeth.

how to draw goblin from warhammer

Step 5

It will be a very simple step in which we outline the outline of our warrior’s armor. This armor is represented by light armor on the shoulders and front of the body.

fantasy goblin drawing

Step 6

We work with a warrior, right? Therefore, we need to draw the weapons that he uses in battle. First of all, we will draw a shield that has the shape of a parallelogram. Inside the outline of the shield are longitudinal lines.

Step 7

We drew a thing with which a goblin from Warhammer would defend itself. But he also needs to attack, right? This is true. So we outline the contours of the sword and fist. The sword should look pretty rough and heavy. When working with a clenched fist, pay particular attention to the location and size of each individual finger.

Goblin drawing from warhammer

Step 8

In this step, we will draw the contours of a tattered loincloth, toes, and a small light protection on the legs that looks like bandages made of dense fabric.

Step 9

As always, we specifically single out one step so that we can evaluate the whole sketch as a whole. Here we look at the correct posture, proportions and individual parts of the body. If you find any flaws, it should be corrected in this step.

warhammer goblin

Step 10

If everything was correct in the last step, you can start working with shadows. To do this, we determine the light source and apply a sweeping light shading to those places where the light does not get. As you can see, we use only a single-layer hatching.

how to draw a goblin from warhammer

It was not a particularly difficult drawing lesson. We hope your goblin is cooler than the one you see in our illustration. In fact, we have long wanted to draw a character from the world of Warhammer fantasy. If you have suggestions for new characters, do not forget to write them in a comment.

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