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Mumen Rider – a Hero Without Superpowers

Slow down, buddy!

Mumen Rider

Do you know Mumen Rider from One Punch Man anime? He’s one of the best anime characters. He’s not a superhero, but he is a hero!

Mumen Rider hero without superpowers

He’s the one who will help the child to take down a flying balloon from a tree

Mumen Rider

and he will go away fast because there are many good things that he can do.


Mumen Rider is the one who will not be afraid to confront a large number of criminals, even if each of them is larger and stronger than our hero!

One Punch Man

most likely it will end badly for him…

One Punch Man anime

but people love Mumen Rider because he is always in a hurry to help people who are in trouble. Besides, he is very modest.

One Punch Man

Mumen Rider always moves on his “Bicycle of Justice” to get to the scene faster. In addition, he can help somebody, who needs a ride.

Bicycle of Justice

If a monster destroys buildings somewhere and threatens the safety of people and the road of Mumen Rider is blocked by a red traffic light, he will wait until the traffic light switches to green.

Mumen Rider from one punch man

And then he will “activate Riding-Out-of-the-Saddle Mode” to catch up.

Riding-Out-of-the-Saddle Mode

He stands up for the people

Anime one punch man

regardless of the size and strength of the monster

mumen rider from one punch man

Mumen Rider will try to apply Justice Punch, Justice Kick, or Justice Tackle

Mumen Rider's Justice Tackle

That may not work.

one punch man mumen rider

But, as Mumen Rider says to the Deep Sea King: It doesn’t matter if I stand a chance or not! I have to fight you here and now!”. Everything is contained in that phrase. That’s why he is one of the best anime heroes!

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