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My First Time With Warhammer Waterslide Decals

Today the hottest topic of the Warhammer 40,000 board game is the new Kill Team. Unfortunately, the Kill Team starter is too expensive for me now, so I limit myself by painting old models that have been gathering dust for a long time in boxes. I’ve newer applied water slide transfers (decals) on my Warhammer miniatures earlier. Today I tried it, here’s the result:

WH40k primaris Ultramarine waterslide decals

I made some little cuts on the decals, where it should bend when they are adjoined to the convex parts of the model, but they still don’t stick well in some places.

Warhammer Waterslide Decals

The first pancake never turns out the best.

Ultramarine decals applying normal

By the way, is it real to remove glossy shine from waterslide transfers?

waterslide transfers (decals) glossy shine

I’m not upset, I think after a while I will do better!

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