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How to Draw a Dragonborn

how to draw a dragonborn

In this drawing guide, I will try to show how to draw a dragonborn, or rather I will describe the process of how I draw a dragonborn.

As you probably already know, this is a race in Dungeons and Dragons. Dragonborns look like dragons standing on their hind legs. They took a humanoid shape while losing wings and tail. The first of them had scales of shades inherent in dragons of different species, but generations of continuous crossbreeding led to the appearance of a single color.


Stage 1

First of all, I depict a skeleton, it’s easiest to start with it because then you need to build the body on it. By the way, I underline all the lines in blue to make it easier to understand what is happening at a particular stage.

how to draw a dragonborn

Stage 2

Now depict a massive jaw, wide neck and torso. Next, go to the arms and legs, depicting their shape and adding volume. By the way, do not forget to depict a long and thick tail.

how to draw a dragonborn dnd

Stage 3

Now let’s work with the characteristic reptiloid face. First, depict fierce reptilian eyes and a powerful jaw studded with sharp but small teeth. Remember to create a nose and ears.

how to draw a dragonborn head

Stage 4

Now let’s portray the cool armor on the dragonborn’s torso. I decided to make leather armor, but you can dress your reptiloid in any other type of armor.

how to draw a dragonborn face

Stage 5

Now make Dragonborn’s powerful arms smoother, also depicting armor elements on them. Next, create the fingers and knuckles. On the chest, depict the rhombic texture of the armor.

how to draw a dragonborn d&d

Stage 6

Now let’s portray weapons. I decided to depict large battle axes in both hands. But you can replace them with swords or any other weapons.

how to draw a dragonborn d&d step by step

Stage 7

On the upper legs, depict armor with a diamond-shaped texture. Next, depict the pants and the foot with large and sharp claws.

how to draw a dnd

Stage 8

Now we need to clean the dragonborn drawing. Very carefully, without affecting important lines, get rid of auxiliary lines.

how to draw a dragonborn easy

Stage 9

So, let’s finally finish drawing a dragonborn. I decided to add shadows to enliven the picture, but you can add colors in addition to shadows.

how to draw a dragonborn

By the way, what is your favorite race and class in RPG? Regardless of whether I play games from D&D or Pathfinder, I always choose a human warrior, because it’s easier for me to associate with him.

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