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How to Draw a Fire Elemental

dnd how to draw a fire elemental

In one of the previous posts, I showed you how to draw a dragonborn, and now I will tell you how to draw a fire elemental.


Stage 1

First of all, we depict the head in the form of a ball. By the way, I decided to paint all the new lines in blue to make it easier to figure them out.

how to draw

Stage 2

Now depict a torso that goes into a long tail. The body of the fire elemental should wriggle and look like the body of a snake.

how to draw rpg

Stage 3

Now let’s portray the limbs. They look literally elementary. First, depict the arms, then the hands in the form of two balls.

how to draw fire elemental from rpg

Stage 4

Portray eyes that should be very vicious. After that, portray a huge mouth studded with sharp teeth. In fact, the face of the elemental is complete.

how to draw dungeons and dragons

Stage 5

Now let’s add fire to our elemental. Start from the head by depicting flames that span the entire head. The lines should be twisty and torn.

fire elemental drawing

Stage 6

Now depict long and creepy fingers ending in long and sharp claws. At this point, your fire elemental drawing should look something like this:

how to draw dnd

Stage 7

Now let’s add some fire to the limbs. In exactly the same movements, depict the flame on the upper arms. The arms should become smoother.

how to draw fire elemental easy step by step

Stage 8

At this point, we will actually finish drawing the fire elemental. With torn and flowing lines depict flames covering the tail.

how to draw fire elemental step by step

Stage 9

Now erase all the auxiliary lines shown in the initial stages. You can also add some auxiliary lines to make the flame more natural.

how to draw an elemental

Stage 10

To make the fire elemental drawing look more voluminous, I decided to add shadows. But besides this, you can add color.

dnd how to draw a fire elemental

My blog is dedicated to different geek things, but this is not my only interest. Recently, I also decided to create drawing lessons. And the guide on how to draw a fire elemental is one of the first, and certainly not the last.

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