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How to Draw Thanos from Avengers

how to draw Thanos

In this drawing tutorial we will tell you about how to draw Thanos from Avengers. You can draw this fearsome Marvel villain in nine easy steps.

The figure of Thanos is similar to the figure of a very powerful, athletic person. We will also see features of facial features. In general, this will be a fairly simple art, no more difficult than drawing Thor.

So let’s get this started!

Stage 1

Firstly, draw a stickman of a large, powerful figure. The chest is much wider than the pelvis. The rather short limbs will become widespread in the following steps.

how to draw thanos step by step easy

Stage 2

Add some volume to our Thanos. Use balls and flattened ovals to draw wide arms and legs. Create landmarks for facial features. Draw the torso and note the noticeable narrowing from the chest to the pelvis.

how to draw thanos from avengers

Stage 3

Draw the facial features. Avoid excessive detail, use only simple short lines. Look at the large chin – this is the only detail of the face that matches the unrealistic comic-book appearance.

how to draw thanos face

Stage 4

Thanos has a pretty basic outfit. Draw the outlines of the collar, belt and jacket edges. Outline again the upper part of the round, powerful deltoid muscle.

how to draw thanos full body

Stage 5

Draw big fists. You can first draw some rough outlines in the form of polygons and then add the fingers and details of the gloves.

how to draw thanos avengers

Stage 6

Depict large massive legs. These are rather rough forms without noticeable bends. You can only see a slight narrowing towards the heels.

how to draw thanos easy

Stage 7

Erase extra lines from the entire drawing. Check if the lines and proportions are correct. Correct inaccuracies and mistakes if you find them.

how to draw thanos step by step

Stage 8

Add some shadows. The comic contrast style allows for bright, black shadows. First, draw the contours of the shadows, and then paint over the space inside with dense, intense shading.

how to draw Thanos

So, we hope this was a useful lesson. We will be creating even more geek content for you, so don’t forget to check our site regularly!

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