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How to Draw an Elf from Dungeons & Dragons

how to draw an elf

Today we will tell you about how to draw an elf from Dungeons & Dragons. This is a very simple tutorial that will help you create a very cool drawing of an elf classically.

We read in the comments that you love fantasy characters and that you found the gnome from Dungeons & Dragons interesting. Therefore, we decided to create a few more similar tutorials. Let’s get this started!

Stage 1

Elves are pretty graceful creatures. Therefore, in this step, we will draw the figure of a tall, thin middle-aged man. You can choose any pose, in our case it is the pose of an archer.

how to draw an elf step by step easy

Stage 2

Draw voluminous limbs. Use balls and cylinders to create anatomically correct arms, legs, and joints. Avoid too wide figures, pay attention to the narrowing of the limbs in the distal direction.

how to draw an elf from dnd

Stage 3

Draw the hood, cloak, and outlines of the bow with the string drawn. Note the rolled-up edge of the mantle. Such details are very important, in fact.

how to draw a elf step by step

Stage 4

As a rule, elves have delicate facial features. Therefore, now we can draw a long thin nose, a thin face contour, and strands of hair.

how to draw an elf face

Stage 5

Draw the hands and fingers of our elf. Carefully consider the size and position of the fingers because this is a rather complex drawing object.

how to draw an elf step by step

Stage 6

Add some more lines to make the silhouette of the elf look nice and finished. Draw the soles of the boots, the contours of the pants, and a couple of folds in the fabric in the form of oblique lines.

how to draw an elf dnd

Stage 7

Erase extra lines from the entire drawing. Check the correctness of the figure of the elf and the location of individual small details.

how to draw an elf easy

Stage 8

Add some shadows. It looks like light shading on some places of our elf’s clothes. The area inside the hood is all shaded.

how to draw an elf

We hope this was helpful to you. Don’t forget to write to us about your progress. This motivates us and helps us a lot to create new drawing guides.

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