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How to Draw Loki from Avengers

how to draw loki

Today we will tell you about how to draw Loki from Avengers.Yes, in this tutorial we will practice drawing comic book villains. Loki is a very charismatic and memorable guy. He gained particular fame after the appearance of Tom Hiddleston in this role. 

Stage 1

Firstly, create a rough stickman of our character. This is a man made of sticks and a circle that will help you draw the whole figure correctly.

how to draw loki avengers

Stage 2

Secondly, create three-dimensional shapes based on the stickman. Use smooth ovals and cylinders to outline the arms, legs, torso and head of Loki.

how to draw loki easy step by step

Stage 3

Draw facial features that the whole world knows. These are long hair, a thin nose, and sly eyes. Avoid too much detail in this step.

how to draw loki realistic

Stage 4

Ok, now add the outlines of the arms. Use the guidelines from the first step – if these lines are correct, it will be very easy. So, if you made a mistake in the first step, now you can see and correct it.

how to draw loki from avengers

Stage 5

Add the edges of Loki’s dangling clothes. As a rule, loose hanging clothes accentuate the thinness of the human figure.

how to draw loki step by step easy

Stage 6

This is probably the easiest step of the entire Loki drawing lesson. Here you only need to draw the contours of the legs and shoes of our villain.

how to draw loki easy

Stage 7

Delete all extra lines. If you consistently repeated our actions, you will get a very stylish and charming Loki. If you made some inaccuracy, you can find a specific step and correct it.

how to draw loki step by step

Stage 8

Apply small shadows. Even though we are drawing a comic book character, we stick to a realistic, but non-comic style of drawing. Therefore, avoid too rough shading and too contrasting shadows.

how to draw loki

So, we complete the Loki drawing lesson. We hope you get great results. By the way, with the help of our guides, you can also draw Thor or other comic book characters.

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