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How to Draw a Dwarf

how to draw a dwarf

In this drawing lesson we will tell you about how to draw a dwarf. As a model of appearance, we used a dwarf from the dungeons and dragons universe. Probably all our readers recognized this dwarf even before they read the first lines of our lesson.

Dwarves are very powerful, stocky guys who are great at fighting and great at developing industry. Dwarves are especially successful in everything related to the extraction of precious metals.


The figure of a Dwarf is very different from that of an ordinary person. For example, the height of this guy is the sum of the lengths of four heads. The distance from the top of the head to the bottom of the pelvis is longer than the legs.

how to draw a fantasy dwarf


Add some volume. Create large outlines of the arms and legs. Indicate the joints using large circles, as in our sample. Don’t forget to mark the face with two crossed lines.

drawing a dwarf


You can equip your dwarf with any weapon of your choice. In our case, this is a strong shield and a large, powerful ax.

how to draw a dwarf from dnd


Draw the facial features of our dwarf. As a rule, these are rather large ears, a wide nose, and small, frowning eyes. Don’t forget about the beard and hair.

how to draw a dwarf face


Let’s now work on the torso – especially the armor and clothing. Draw a rough and simple but very reliable armor as in our sample.

how to draw a cool dwarf


Depict a large fist clenching a weapon. In our case, this is an ax, but you can draw any object. Match the size of the fist with the head – this will help you with proportions.

how to draw a dwarf dnd


So, now you can add some lines to our dwarf’s legs. Multiple lateral folds on the fabric give the feeling of a wide, spacious garment.

how to draw a dwarf easy


Erase extra lines from the entire drawing. If you see too many differences from our sample, try to trace the step where you made a mistake and correct it.

how to draw a dwarf step by step


So, we are almost done with this dwarf. The last action is drawing shadows. Use wide single-layer hatching in places closed from light.

how to draw a dwarf

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