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How to Draw Han Solo

how to draw Han Solo

In this guide, we will tell you how to draw Han Solo from Star Wars. We carefully read your comments and know that this is one of the favorite characters among you, dear readers. We decided to present this drawing lesson in a simple seven steps.

Stage 1

So, we start a guide on how to draw Han Solo from Star Wars. First, draw the stickman of our character using rounded shapes and straight lines. Han Solo is not a very athletic person, but rather an ordinary young man of average height. Don’t draw too broad shoulders. Pay attention to the location of the limbs. The upper shoulder is slightly diagonal. This is a feature of the pose.

how to draw star wars

Stage 2

If you look at this step, you might think that you have to draw a lot of shapes and lines. But if you move from head to foot, you will definitely not get confused. First, we will draw two intersecting lines. The vertical lines indicate facial symmetry, and the horizontal line helps locate the eyes. After that, connect the head and chest with the neck, and also connect the chest and pelvis with a pair of vertical lines. After that, using cylinders and balls, outline the contours of the upper and lower extremities.

how to draw han solo from star wars

Stage 3

In this step, we will concentrate on drawing the head. Focusing on the auxiliary lines from the last step, we will depict the eyes, nose, and mouth. Avoid excessive detail that clearly does not fit our style. Also in this step, we will outline the outlines of the hair and ears.

how to draw han solo's face

Stage 4

At the beginning of Star Wars, Han Solo is a smuggler and therefore did not have any special clothing. In this step, we will draw the outlines of a regular vest without pockets, as well as the outlines of the T-shirt, which is located under the vest.

how to draw han solo easy

Stage 5

Drawing hands and fingers is one of the most difficult tasks for an artist. Therefore, be especially careful when drawing the fingers and weapons of our character. Pay attention to the shape of the fingers and their relative position.

how to draw han solo realistic

Stage 6

We are nearing the end of this tutorial. In this step, we will draw the outlines of the pants and boots. Pay attention to the folds in the fabric of the pants. Also outline the outlines of the belt with a large, massive buckle.

how to draw han solo easy step by step

Stage 7

It’s time to remove unnecessary construction lines. In addition, any drawing looks much cooler and more complete when we add shadows in the form of hatching. On the face and hair, create a denser frequent shading. And on the legs and boots of our character, there is a lighter shading.

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