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How to Draw a Tiefling

how to draw a Tiefling

Today we will tell you about how to draw a Tiefling. This is a rather difficult object to draw, but we will try to show it in a very simple and clear way.

These guys have a very fantasy appearance, but to the artist, they are just people with little eye-catching features. Now we will try to show how to draw a Tiefling for artists of all skill levels. Don’t forget that the first two steps are the most important.


First, draw an approximate figure of sticks and circles. At this step, we do not see any differences from the figure of a tall, thin person. For example, we recently drew Loki in a similar way.

how to draw a tiefling dnd


Use elongated ovals and cylinders to create a three-dimensional figure. Draw the joints as small circles. Draw large polygons for the hands and feet. Do not forget about the facial lines that will show the location of the facial features.

how to draw a tiefling from rpg


Third, draw the facial features. In this step it is very sketchy lines and simple shapes that will form the basis for a detailed drawing.

how to draw a tiefling male


And now we are starting to draw details that will clearly indicate the features of the appearance of our character. Draw the horns and pointed ears. Add rough contours of the beard and hairstyle.

how to draw tieflings


Draw several layers of clothes. The innermost layer is the shirt – we can only see the collar. In the middle is a vest with buttons in the center, and on top is a jacket.

how to draw a tiefling step by step


You can choose sleeves of any length to your taste. In our case, we see rolled up sleeves. Drawing hands is never an easy task. Pay attention to the ratio of the thumb and other fingers on both hands.

how to draw a tiefling from dungeons and dragons


And a little more work with clothes. Draw the outlines of the trousers and the lower part of the jacket. Pay attention to the contours of the trousers – this almost completely coincides with the contours of the legs.

how to draw a tiefling from dnd step by step


Erase extra lines from the entire drawing. Check your sketch for mistakes and inaccuracies. Find the step where the mistake was made and fix it.

how to draw a tiefling step by step


Add small shadows to areas that are not getting light. You can first outline the boundaries of the plots and then cover it with hatching.

how to draw a Tiefling

We hope that this was a really useful drawing lesson for you. We love geeky themes for drawing guides and look forward to new ideas from you. Don’t forget to write it in the comments. We also welcome any feedback regarding the quality of our guides.

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