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How to Draw Iron Man from Avengers

how to draw Iron Man

Now is a great time to learn how to draw Iron Man from The Avengers, right? That is why today we have created for you this drawing guide of the super popular Marvel character.

As you know, Tony Stark first appeared in comics a very, very long time ago. However, moviegoers saw him in the new Marvel Cinematic Universe only in 2008.

So, in today’s lesson, we tried to keep the film style of the image as much as possible and distance ourselves from the comic style.


Firstly, draw a stickman. In our case, we see a very strong and wide male figure due to the large suit. Note the very broad shoulders and lack of a neck.

how to draw iron man detailed


Second, add some volume. Connect the chest and pelvis with short, smooth lines. Draw the outlines of the arms and legs. Note the very broad limbs and especially the large hands and feet.

how to draw iron man armor


Draw Iron Man’s helmet. Use the guidelines from the previous step to draw this part of the armored suit. If this is too difficult, draw the panel for the eyes first and the vertical detail on the top of the head.

how to draw iron man from avengers easy


Add the chest plate and top of the armor. As you can see, due to the angle, this can seem very unsymmetrical. Don’t forget about the triangle hole in the very center of the chest.


Create the final outlines of Iron Man’s arms. First, draw the contours of the fingers – this is the most difficult moment. Next, add the contours of the small parts of the armor.


So, we continue this lesson about how to draw Iron Man from The Avengers. Depict the outlines of the pelvis and legs. Pay attention to the coincidence of the contours of the body parts and armor. Visually, it looks like slightly larger contours of body parts.


Erase all extra lines from the previous steps. Rate the whole Iron Man figure, try to find all the mistakes, and fix them. Evaluate topographically every part of the body and the details within it.


Add small shadows. Avoid overly contrasting black shadows if you want more realism and less resemblance to the classic comic book style of drawing.

We hope that this was a very useful drawing lesson for you. Don’t forget that we are waiting for your comments. We try to use them as ideas for new articles and lessons.

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