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How to Draw a Halfling

how to draw a Halfling

Now we will show you how to draw a halfling from dungeons and dragons step by step. Halflings, as you can see, are very much inspired by the hobbits of Tolkien books.


Stage 1

To draw a halfling, you must first draw its skeleton. First, let’s outline the main features of the halfling figure. At this stage, we will already create a wireframe and outline the main parts of the body. This stage is extremely important because it is here that we indicate the proportions of the body and place the character in the right place on the paper.

drawing tutorial

Stage 2

On the head, draw a crosshair for the details of the face. Next, sketch out the neck and add volume to the body parts using simple geometric shapes. In the same step, draw the hands and feet.

how to draw dnd

Stage 3

Now let’s draw a face. The crosshairs drawn in the second step will help you with this. Try to portray some kind of facial expression. For example, we decided to draw a sly grin.

how to draw a halfling thief

Stage 4

Now let’s start drawing the clothes. By tradition, let’s start drawing from top to bottom. First, draw the hood. Don’t forget to draw folds in the neck area.

how to draw dungeons and dragons

Stage 5

Now let’s move on to the details of the body. First of all, draw the outlines of the sleeves. Then draw fists with clenched daggers in them. By the way, you can try to draw not daggers but short swords in the hands of the halfling.

how to draw a halfling from dnd

Stage 6

Now, using a few lines, draw the belt and outlines of the vest. Then, draw a long cape using several long and flowing lines. In addition, you can add other details such as pockets or buttons.

how to draw a halfling easy

Stage 7

Now draw the legs and add folds in the knee area. Draw strips of fabric around the ankles. Finish this step by drawing big feet. By the way, it is the big feet that are one of the most basic hallmarks of halflings.

halfling drawing

Stage 8

To complete the halfling drawing, erase all unnecessary auxiliary lines. Make all the necessary finishing touches and corrections.

how to draw a Halfling

Stage 10

The halfling drawing is complete, now it’s time to tackle some improvements. You can try adding colors or shadows. This will not only add volume to the drawing but also make it more interesting.

how to draw a Halfling

Halflings are very interesting characters. As we said at the very beginning, these guys appeared in Dungeons and Dragons under the influence of Tolkien’s work. This means that using this tutorial you can draw not only a halfling but also a hobbit.

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