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How to Draw Moon Knight

how to draw moon knight

Moon Knight is one of the most mysterious Marvel characters ever. Recently, this dark superhero has gained a lot of notoriety. But most likely, this guy will still become famous in individual TV shows or films. That is why we created this guide on how to draw Moon Knight.


Stage 1

Are you ready to learn how to draw Moon Knight? So let’s get started.

First, we will depict the figure of our superhero with the help of a man, made of circles and sticks. It will also help us determine the location of the character on the piece of paper. So we see a male athletic figure with a wide chest and a very narrow pelvis. These proportions are very typical of comic book superheroes.

how to draw moon knight step by step

Stage 2

So, we continue the guide on how to draw Moon Knight. We depict the basic outlines of the arms, legs, and torso using simple geometric shapes. Try to avoid too sharp bends and wide contours so that your Moon Knight does not look cartoonish. Pay attention to the fact that due to the peculiarities of the pose, we see our character strictly frontally without any turns.

how to draw moon knight easy

Stage 3

In the previous two steps, we created the silhouette of our superhero. Now we will try to add details to create a recognizable Moon Knight appearance. We are now going to draw a pair of frowning eyes and a fabric that forms the hood and fabric on the upper torso.

how to draw moon knight from comics

Stage 4

In this step we will add some anatomical lines to the contours of the torso. We will also draw the outer contours of this part of the body. The very important details from this step are the crescent logo and the belt with a small oval buckle.

how to draw moon knight from marvel

Stage 5

In this step we will draw the final outlines of the mighty superhero arms. First we outline the outer contours, then draw the fingers and muscles. The very last action will be drawing the elements of our Moon Knight’s costume

how to draw moon knight marvel

Stage 6

Let’s repeat the previous step with the legs of our superhero. Using clear, contrasting contours draw the outer legs and pelvis. Thinner lines should be used in drawing the knee joints and elements of the costume.

how to draw moon knight step by step

Stage 7

So this is the final step. In this step we will remove the extra lines from the body and costume of our Moon Knight. We will also finish the wide part of the mantle.

how to draw moon knight

We’re just trying out the Marvel Comics theme. If you like our tutorials, don’t forget to write about this in the comments. We are looking forward to your opinions and your criticism!

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