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Best Free Horror Games

Best Free Horror Games

What are the best free horror games? In this post, I want to talk about some really good horror games in the free segment.

The most terrible horror in the modern gaming industry is the price of new games. And if you can cope with the monsters devouring your money, then you will have concerns about whether the purchased game will be good. Do you know where it’s not scary? In free games.

Leave the horrors to the developers and give your wallet a break. Below are a few free horror games that create a truly eerie atmosphere, without frightening an encroachment on material well-being.


The Static Speaks My Name

The name of this game is scary. But The Static Speaks My Name is less about horrors and more about the problems of death and life choices. This gloomy game, in which you have to see the last night of a person’s life, is strongly asked about suicide. Its theme is unpleasant. This ten-minute game just gets under your skin, which is not always possible even with obviously frightening games.

Best Free Horror Games


Cube Escape: Paradox

This is the tenth of the Cube Escape game series, but it could be the most fun. The paradox is a unique combination of a video game and a film that amazes you with an unusual video sequence, a funny storyline and puzzles that will drive you crazy, but in an entertaining sense – so that you can not come off.

Best Free Horrors

We Were Here

Well, strictly speaking, only the first episode of this cold journey is free, but in itself, it is a completed work that will not disappoint you. You are trapped in an abandoned castle in the middle of a frozen world, and only a voice from the walkie-talkie tells you what to do. Complex puzzles blocking your path have to be solved together with another player – a familiar or completely random person.

top Free Horrors

At Home Alone

In At Home Alone, you play as a little girl who is left alone at home. What adventures await her while mom is at work? Over time, everything becomes more insane, especially when strange people begin to appear at your doorstep. This is not the longest interactive adventure. But it will not leave you until you reveal the secret of what happens when you stay at home alone.

best free indie horror games

Imscared – A Pixelated Nightmare

What enemy is worse than a huge creature? What about the “blue screen of death”, which indicates that your computer is broken? And this is just the beginning of Imscared’s mockery of its players. But the most impressive thing is that the developer created this magnificent free horror game using only Game Maker, FL Studio and MS Paint. Of course, the game does not shine with beauty, but it will be a great addition to your horror collection.

best free horror games on steam

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

Guide Voorhees through over 100 puzzles related to the serial killer cinematic adventures. You have to play for various versions of the obsessed thug in famous places, for example, the classic Crystal Lake camp and Grendel from Jason X. This is a pretty cruel puzzle that remains true to the popular horror series.

best free to play horror games

Ultimate Custom Night

In Ultimate Custom Night there is more than 50 animatronics from a long series, and you are free to place and customize them at your discretion. You have to face all the dangers and obstacles that were encountered in the series, including heaters, current, electric generators and laser traps.

best free horror pc games

Cry of Fear

In the darkness of a cold Scandinavian night, Team Psykskaller sends you on a journey to survive. As you make your way through an abandoned city in search of the cause of an uncontrollable nightmare. Terrible monsters climb out of all the cracks. Continue through the campaign to uncover different endings and useful items.

best free horror shooter

Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion

Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion inspires you with a false sense of security as if all you have to fear is cardboard skeletons. But then the true horrors of Spooky’s are revealed and things take a worse turn. Lag Studios managed to create a double-bottom horror game where, in the escape from the true horrors of the game, you find yourself in a setting of classic horror games.

best free pc horror

No More Room in Hell

Unlike most zombie games in No More Room in Hell, a bite is a death sentence. Having become infected with a virus, you yourself choose to tell your comrades about it and accept your fate, or leave them in ignorance, becoming a potential danger in the future. No More Room in Hell is absolutely free, so it is simply a must for all lovers of zombies, teamwork and freebies.

best horror games for free on pc

The Last Door

Most games do not have to impress visually to achieve the desired effect. The Last Door proves this by sending you on a bewitching journey full of terrible horrors, depicted by a rather dull pixel world. Death everywhere haunts you from the moment you took upon yourself the burden of stopping an ancient evil. Solve puzzles, communicate with many unusual people and try not to become a victim.

best free horror games pc


Plug in your headphones, turn up the volume and get ready to immerse yourself in the horror that you will definitely enjoy. Lurking is a game tied to sounds that plunges you into darkness and sends you to explore it with sound signals. Each sound you make illuminates the world with a white glow, roughly showing you the way.

top free horror online games for pc

Doki Doki Literature Club!

At the Doki Doki Literary Club, everything is not at all what it seems. When you receive an invitation from your friend, you are trying to get to know his other members, but something just goes wrong. Doki Doki Literature Club! begins as an innocent interactive short story about the club. But as soon as its members begin to show their true essence, things begin to go incredibly strange.

best scary games

Slender: The Eight Pages

In Slender: The Eight Pages, the beloved horror story comes to life. This is a simple game, where you have to explore secluded forests and abandoned buildings in search of the first eight pages. A huge and mysterious Slenderman is on your heels. Collecting more and more pages, you can run away, but it is impossible to hide from it.

top scary games

SCP — Containment Breach

If you are familiar with what is described in the SCP * files, then you know that this is the last thing you would like to encounter face to face. In SCP – Contamination Breach, you are trapped deep in the SCP Foundation’s underground research facility while escaping the creatures contained therein. There is something terrible waiting for you around every corner that wants to kill you, cripple, dismember, or infect you. Can you leave the complex without becoming a victim of the terrible creatures that were kept there?

free scary games

This was my list of the best free horror games. Many of these games are in Steam or other platforms. Choose your favorite and play safely, because you do not need to pay a dime for them. By the way, if you enjoyed this post, visit my top of the best Halloween games.

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