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When anatomy becomes art

anatomy and art

In fact, human anatomy and art have a lot in common. For example, everyone knows Da Vinci, who exalted both of them to an incredible level. When we need to study human anatomy, we resort to ultra-modern technologies that allow us to visualize the smallest anatomical formations.

topographic anatomy art


However, only a few decades ago, CT and MRI technologies were not available to humanity. Computer graphics were also in their infancy. Such technical imperfection helped to reveal the talent of many masters. Today I will talk about one of them.

art topographic anatomy


Yuri Zolotko was born in the Soviet Union in 1923.
This country has always been very bad with outstanding people. The life of doctors and scientists was especially difficult and dangerous. Nevertheless, this amazing person has become a great anatomist.


Working at the Medical University of Kalininsk, Yuri Zolotko began to create small anatomical sketches. Subsequently, he revealed his talent as an artist when creating the country’s first atlas of topographic anatomy.



This is really very cool because it was the first atlas of topographic anatomy in the country and one of the first in the world.

anatomy and topographic anatomy


Topographic anatomy is a medical science that studies the features of the location of organs and anatomical formations. In topographic anatomy, body parts and areas on them are separately studied. Atlases of topographic anatomy should contain a detailed layered structure of each part of the body.

anatomia_and science


Yuri Zolotko created a beautiful color atlas of topographic anatomy without being able to use digital image processing or photography. Moreover, in the impoverished totalitarian country, there was an acute shortage of basic things for drawing such as canvas, paints and brushes. Especially surprising is these juicy, vibrant drawings that look like very stylish and high-quality photographs. It is really art in anatomy.

art and anatomy

This master painstakingly depicted the structure of the human body layer by layer.


A little deeper:

anatomy pictures art

Atlas of Yuri Zolotko is also distinguished by very soft and warm color correction. The master uses unusual soft shades of yellow and red.



Each layer is drawn with great attention to detail.



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