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Top 10 Halloween Games

Top 10 Halloween Games

According to popular beliefs on Halloween night evil spirits make their way into the world of the living, but we all know that no ghouls, zombies or vampires exist. However, if you want to meet them, I have prepared a list of top 10 Halloween games specifically for you.

Killing Floor 2

The second part of a cooperative survival shooter. You, alone or with a group of comrades, have to reflect one after another wave of various creatures from horror films. Between the waves, you can replenish ammunition and buy new weapons in a special machine. The game has 10 classes, each of which has unique abilities and bonuses to use a particular weapon.

Top 10 Halloween Games

Doom 3

I know what Doom is because Doom is the first shooter. However, in the third part, the series became not so much dynamic as gloomy and frightening. The plot of the third part is similar to the previous ones, but it is more elaborate. In general, if you want to feel the oppressive atmosphere of Mars captured by demons, Doom 3 is what you need.

Top 10 Halloween Games

Resident Evil 4

The famous series of survival horrors widely known in the world of games. Despite a large number of different parts, the fourth part is still considered the best among fans. The secret of success is simple. In the game, the balance between the action and the horror is perfectly adjusted, as well as an interesting plot.

the scariest games

Layers of Fear

The game is not filled with action, here you do not have to mow down crowds of enemies. Instead of all this, you will be offered to wander around a gloomy mansion to explore it and interact with the outside world. The atmosphere and mystery frightens here, which not everyone likes.

the scariest games ever


What is F.E.A.R. good at? The game is pretty old, but still, it can boast of extremely realistic behavior of enemies, good graphics even by today’s standards, a gloomy atmosphere, and a mind-blowing plot. If you still have not played this masterpiece, then Halloween night is the right time for this!

Top 10 scarry Halloween Games

Dead Space

The first part of Dead Space made a name for the studio Visceral Games (now dissolved thanks to EA). During the plot, you are on a distress signal arriving on a spaceship.

After the arrival, the shuttle of the main character crashes, and during the attack of the Necromorphs, almost the entire crew perishes. The atmosphere of a huge spaceship infected with not very friendly necromorphs, the personal drama of the protagonist and the atmosphere of helplessness – this is what Dead Space catches players.

Top 10 horror games

Alan Wake

Alan Wake, the protagonist of the game, arrives in a quiet town called Bright Falls. On the first evening after checking into a lake house, Alan’s wife is kidnapped by an unknown thing and the goal of the game is to find and save her. The mechanics of the game implies that the enemies represent danger only at night, because as it turns out Alan’s wife was kidnapped by an entity called Dark Presence. It can subjugate people and animals.

Top 10 best horror games

Silent Hill 2

The game is somewhat similar to Alan Wake, but it has a more intimidating atmosphere and an intricate plot. The main character, James Sunderland, receives a letter from his wife in which she asks him to come to a town called Silent Hill. Everything would be fine, but James’s wife died a few years ago.

the best scarry Halloween Games


A series of games in the survival horror genre that tells about the “adventures” of physicist Philippe Lafresca, who set off in search of his own father. Penumbra is frightened by the extremely gloomy and mysterious atmosphere, the unique and extremely realistic mechanics of interacting with the outside world.

the best horror games

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

The game is similar to Penumbra in general, Penumbra is made on the Amnesia engine. However, the original is slightly superior to Penumbr’s in terms of nerves. The plot is simple. You wake up in a dark castle, your memory is clear as a sheet, however you find a note that the main character wrote to himself. The note says that the main character Philip drank the elixir of amnesia in order to get rid of mental torment, and his goal is to kill Alexander of Brennenburg. The note also states that Philip is pursued by the Shadow, a mutilated creature, only remotely resembling a human.

the scariest games in the world

If you like a game from the list of the top 10 Halloween games, then go to Steam or GOG and install it. Also, write what other scary games scare you the most.

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