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Top D-Day Video Games

Top D-Day Video Games

I really love the games about World War 2, and especially the missions about landing in Normandy, that’s why today I decided to introduce you to the top D-Day video games.

The landing in Normandy is a great event from the Second World War. It was from that moment that the critical period began, which soon brought down the damned Reich and destroyed its leaders. Naturally, the reconstruction of this event is also present in computer games, which we will talk about.

The landing in Normandy is one of the most global landing operations of 1944, carried out by Allied forces. It was then that the United States and Canada first entered the war, deciding to help European countries and the Soviet Union in a fierce struggle against the Nazis.


Company of Heroes (2006)

Company of Heroes of 2006 is a real masterpiece. The very first mission of the US campaign is dedicated precisely to this operation. From the very first minutes, we have watched the deaths of thousands of brave soldiers who decided to protect humanity from a dangerous threat.

Company of Heroes

Call of Duty 2 (2005)

Call of Duty 2 is a first-person shooter from Infinity Ward. It was released back in 2005 and immediately was loved by the gamers. The landing in Normandy was realized in the first mission of the third game campaign for the United States. At least for the sake of this operation, you need to play CoD2.

top d day games

Call of Duty WW2 (2017)

This game from the Call of Duty series was developed by Sledgehammer Games. The first campaign of the game begins with the very landing in Normandy, the production of which is associated with a new film of Spielberg. If you close your eyes to historical inaccuracies, the implementation turned out to be quite good.

the best omaha beach games

Brothers in Arms Series (2005-2007)

A tactical first-person shooter called Brothers in Arms was released back in 2005. Its creator was Gearbox Software. The highlight of the shooter was not only in the landing in Normandy but also in the highest level of realism, which consisted of many gameplay mechanics, such as the lack of a crosshair.

D-Day and Battle of Normandy video games

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (2002)

A game from the studio 2015 Games, released back in 2002. Naturally, there is also a landing in Normandy. A mission about the Allied operation in France was placed in the middle of the main game campaign. I previously talked about this game in an article about the best old shooters.

Battle of Normandy video games

Medal of Honor: Airborne (2007)

Another representative of the legendary Medal for Honor series. In Allied Assault, we landed on Omaha beach from the water, and in Airborne we will land in France from the air. By the way, on the consoles, there was another part of Medal of Honor with the D-Day, called Vanguard.

Battle of Normandy games

Battlefield 1942 (2003)

The legendary multiplayer game about World War II, in which of course there is a map with Omaha beach. Battlefield 1942 дает вам возможность поучаствовать не только в пехотном бою но и опробовать себя в управлении разной техникой.

Omaha beach games

Day of Defeat (2003)

In fact, Day of Defeat is a popular modification of Half-Life, which is a network first-person team shooter, which takes place in Europe during the Second World War. And of course, like most of the games about the Second World War, here we can also land in Normandy.

Games about ww2 day d

It was my personal list of top D-Day video games. In some of them, we land on the Omaha beach from the water, and in others on other areas of Normandy from the air. Do not forget that many of these games are available on GOG and Steam, so install the ones you like and immerse yourself in the world of games about WW2!

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