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Top 10 Best Old FPS Games

Truly good games never get old no matter what deep-seated pessimists and skeptics think to themselves. And for the example of this will be my new list, this time dedicated to the top 10 best old FPS games, released between 2000 and 2010.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to play these old shooters because of a weak computer, nostalgia or for archaeological purposes, you will not regret to familiarize yourself with these games in person.

So, let’s scroll down the page below and get acquainted with the top 10 best old first-person shooters!


Medal of Honor Allied Assault

One of the best shooters about World War II, in which the player will have to go through the whole of Europe and reach the very heart of Germany. The game has everything that we love in classic shooters – fast gameplay, a bunch of enemies, tons of weapons and unbridled fun. This is the most classic shooter, a trendsetter for subsequent games of this genre. If you still have not played Medal of Honor, then find and be sure to go through it and additions.

medal of honor allied assault


The underwater city of Rapture, which was once supposed to be an ideal place to stay for the chosen elite, eventually turned into a nightmarish abode of madmen and doomed, whose mutilated psyche and appearance were the result of the immense use of a substance called Adam – a local drug that gives unprecedented superhuman abilities. The main character gets into the city after the crash of the liner and now is forced to break through the crowds of aggressive mutants, using unusual weapons and plasmids for this. By the way, I have a history of BioShock on Geek-Blog.

bioshock 2007

Max Payne 1-2

Max Payne is an utterly gloomy and tragic story about a policeman who suddenly lost his family, and since that moment has been living only for revenge. Stylish skirmishes with the famous slow-mo are successfully combined with an interesting, unpredictably evolving storyline, stuffed with noir. At the same time, in the games of the Max Payne series, there are elements traditional for Hong Kong fighters, such as two-handed shooting, a variety of acrobatic stunts, locations with a large number of destructible objects and much more.

Max Payne

Call of Duty 1-3

A series of first-person shooters about World War II, combining entertainment and cinematography with realism. The picture of the war is shown here through the eyes of ordinary soldiers (often belonging to different factions), who are in the midst of a grandiose battle, which makes one feel a sense of worthlessness against the backdrop of such epic events. The companies in terms of their content and chronology, also largely reflect the real course of the war, and all this is completed by a large selection of historically correct weapons and uniforms, equipment, as well as plausibly drawn locations.

call of duty

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

The continuation of the Call of Duty series of shooters, transferring action from the time of the Second World War to the present day and dedicated to a whole series of various conflicts that, during the course of the plot, are transformed into a world war between Russia and the United States. The main feature of Modern Warfare is the unprecedented artistic production of battles, which clearly surpasses the entertainment of the best Hollywood blockbusters.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare


In F.E.A.R. you will face an unusual and frightening threat in the face of a mysterious ghost girl, an army of clone troopers and an unpleasant cannibal Paxton Vettels, who also has psionic abilities and controls this very clone army. The main character is a member of an elite detachment whose tasks include the elimination of all evil and the study of all the paranormal. In addition to the intriguing plot and dynamic battles with an incredibly smart opponent, the game is characterized by the presence of elements of horror.


Far Cry 2

A cross-platform video game in the genre of the first-person shooter in the open world. The second (not counting additions and spin-offs) game from the eponymous series of games. Here we get a huge map (to be more precise, two maps) located somewhere in Africa. Here we get a huge map (to be more precise, two maps) located somewhere in Africa, a bunch of cars, a ton of weapons (which need to be constantly repaired) and an endless number of enemies.

Far Cry 2

Call of Duty: Black Ops

The first part of Black Ops, which was released in 2010 and managed to become one of the most successful computer games in terms of sales, completes the remarkable series of military shooters Call of Duty in my list – more than 5,000,000 copies were sold on the first day after the release. Regarding the entertainment, playability, and fascination of the plot, the game, at least, is not inferior to its predecessors. The action takes place in the midst of the Cold War, while in the plot there is a fair amount of fiction and even elements of mysticism.

Call of Duty Black Ops


Yes, dear friends, Crysis is an old game. At one time, in order to play it, you had to use at least all the power of Pentagon computers, but now this task seems to have become easier. You get to the island and at first destroy ordinary enemy soldiers, but then the plot sharply makes a twist, and you begin to fight with octopus-like aliens, using not only your exoskeleton but also a bunch of unusual weapons.


Hidden & Dangerous 1-2

Both the first and second parts of Hidden and Dangerous are excellent representatives of tactical shooters. This is another game about World War 2 but made in completely different patterns. In each mission you are given a map, a set of characters and weapons, using which you complete the missions assigned to you. This game perfectly combines a good shooter and deep tactics.

Hidden and Dangerous

Half-Life 2

The game, the release of which in 2004 turned the gaming industry upside down. The game, still not letting go of many gamers who are still dreaming of the adventures of physicist Gordon Freeman and his charming companion Alyx Vance and are looking forward to continuing. Despite the unprecedented popularity, Half-Life 2 still not got a sequel. But this does not mean that it will never appear at all.

Half-Life 2

This was my list of top 10 best Old FPS games. Which of these games are the best in your opinion? Are there any games on this list that cannot be called good? What game did we miss and not included in this list? Write to us your own top 10 best Old FPS games.

By the way, almost all of these games are somehow available in Steam and GOG.

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