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Games With an Interesting Magic System

Games With an Interesting Magic System

In games, I most often prefer to play for a fighter, but magic is not alien to me at all, and therefore, below I presented the top games with an interesting magic system.

Magic is cool, right? Thanks to knowledge and willpower, wizards can make reality obey themselves. This is just a bomb. No matter how inflated the biceps are, it will not stop a fireball flying in the face. Let’s take a look at games where the use of magic has become terribly cool to one degree or another!


As long as our character addresses to the mystical sides of the universe or something like that, we ourselves program the game so that a fireball can appear. Perhaps this is the closest embodiment of a magical system in a video game, allowing you to feel like a wizard.


  • You can design your spells
  • You can learn the basics of programming
  • Local and network multiplayer
  • Simple training

Games With an Interesting Magic System

Wizard of Legend

The most interesting point here is to correctly catch the moment and purpose of their application. Many spells have a recovery time, and if you dodge, accelerate, or strike, not being able to cast the spell can become a matter of life and death.


  • Fast and intense magic battles
  • Many ways to customize payloads
  • Pixel Aesthetics
  • The plot is simple but good for adventure

Games With an unusual Magic System


There is everything that is typical for survival games – hunger, fatigue, freezing – but there are also clear role-playing quests and several simultaneously unfolding storylines. In addition, the game has a magic system that you have to work on.


  • Casting spells is really fun and requires some effort
  • Detailed Open-World Survival RPG
  • Challenging, but the game rewards for success
  • No manual save: you have to live with the consequences of your choice

Games With a cool Magic System

Mages of Mystralia

Spells are created on a special panel where various components are collected. If for some reason you want the fireball to turn to the left in the flight, you will have such an opportunity. Turn left and bounced off the wall? Easy! In fact, you are limited only by the ability to combine magic elements and mana.


  • Creating spells is complex, logical, and enjoyable
  • The story is written by Ed Greenwood, creator of Forgotten Realms
  • Unleash your secret magical powers
  • Prevent war and discover the dark secrets of the world

Games With a cool Magic and spells


Direct the poison spell on the tornado you created a few seconds earlier and it will become a poisonous whirlwind, or turn a meteor into a huge snowball. The game is fast, spectacular, encourages the skill of the gamer and gives a huge space for unrestrained fun and chaos.


  • Magic Royal Battle
  • Combination of spells to create new effects
  • Fast and spectacular
  • Experiments give interesting results

cool magic in games

Citadel: Forged with Fire

The game’s magic system is closely related to weapons that you can endow with magical properties, and various effects are possible for different types of weapons. There are several Entities (elements) in the game that underlie spells, for example, Arkan (pure magic), Nature or Storm. Each of them has unique effects for each form of a spell. Available forms are determined by the weapons used.


  • Open world MMO
  • Interesting spell options
  • Your clan can build its own castle
  • A lot of loot that can be endowed with magical properties

games with magic

Dragon’s Dogma

If all the other games on this list have magical systems that encourage creativity, the Dragon’s Dogma ability system can hardly be called flexible. But such inflexibility is perfectly compensated by the spectacular and powerful spells. On YouTube, there are even whole collections of such beautiful effects of the casted spells.


  • High-level spells are unimaginably impressive
  • Great melee battles, every hit seems significant
  • An open-world full of monsters
  • Your enemy is the huge red dragon that ate your heart

games with strange magic

Arx Fatalis

Arx Fatalis’s approach to magic is unforgettable. You can open runestones that correspond to certain phrases in the magic language from which you can collect spells. The trick is that every time you cast a spell, you need to draw signs manually, and the quick menu is limited to three spells at a time, which disappear after reading.


  • Casting spells requires drawing runes in real-time
  • Atmospheric game with immersion in a fantasy setting
  • Developed by future creators of Dishonored and Prey
  • A logical approach to crafting

games with unusual magic

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

The system of magic in Morrowind allowed you to create completely insane combinations, and also provided sufficient space to work with specific parameters. Of course, Morrowind, like Arx Fatalis, looks rather outdated these days, but this problem can be solved with the help of mods, getting a truly magnificent game, free from modern tinsel and irritants.


  • You can create your own spells based on open effects
  • Deep immersion in the bizarre game world of the Elder Scrolls series
  • Explore a huge island by discovering every cave and dungeon
  • A unique approach to dialogues

games with spells


Magicka (and of course, its continuation) is a game with a rather elegant magical system. There are eight basic effects, a few more can be obtained by combining them, and so on to create more powerful spells. Over the years, fans have created many completely deadly combinations, turning the casting of spells into a QTE to some extent, but with the good old fireball, you will achieve a lot.


  • Easy to learn and quick to use spell system
  • Cute satire on common fantasy stamps
  • A huge number of possible options and combinations of spells
  • Great multiplayer

Magic games

Divinity: Original Sin

A special feature of the game is that it is specially designed so that you can experiment with its systems, providing alternative paths to success. Even if you suddenly play too much and destroy the part of the quest that seemed vital. In addition, you can create skills here, which provides another level of complexity and flexibility.


  • The use of spells is based on creating magic surfaces and changing states
  • Many combinations with powerful explosive effects
  • Excellent multiplayer support: two players in the first part, up to four in the second
  • Significant freedom in solving gaming problems

top Games With an Interesting Magic System

It was my personal top of games with an interesting magic system. Do not forget that many of the above games are available in GOG or Steam, and you can try them yourself. Also, flip check my article about the best RPGs of the past, it is also full of very cool games with cool magic.

Unfortunately, there are no more spells left in my spellbook. Now is the time to rest in order to restore them. If you know other games with a cool, interesting or just spectacular magic system, please share them in the comments. Let’s at least for a moment return magic to our world!

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