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How to Draw Luke Skywalker

how to draw luke skywalker

In this drawing guide, we are going to tell you how to draw Luke Skywalker from Star Wars. Luke is a real symbol of humanism and the struggle for freedom, so this is a very important drawing lesson for us.

Stage 1

So, first, we sketch out the stickman of our character. This is necessary in order to indicate the pose and position on the sheet of paper. Note the bent arms and legs, which look like long obtuse angles.

luke skywalker drawing

Stage 2

So, we continue the guide on how to draw Luke Skywalker. Using the elongated cylinders, we will depict the arms and legs of our Jedi. Use long, smooth lines to connect the chest and pelvis to create the outline of the torso. Let’s draw a short cylinder of the neck between the head and the torso.

how to draw luke skywalker with a lightsaber

Stage 3

In this step, we can sketch out the rough outlines of Luke Skywalker’s facial features. So, we draw the eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth using rounded sketchy lines as in our sample:

how to draw luke skywalker easy

Stage 4

Luke’s hairstyle is a trademark of the 80s and 70s. Let’s draw this hairstyle using a rounded shape that hides the entire head to the very eyes.

how to draw luke skywalker realistic

Stage 5

If you’re a Star Wars fan, you probably know what a Jedi Knight’s clothing looks like. Luke is no exception, so in this step we will draw the familiar wide and loose clothes.

how to draw luke skywalker from star wars

Stage 6

The Jedi’s main weapon is the lightsaber. Actually, the main weapon of the Jedi is the Force, but we cannot draw it, so in this step we will draw the lightsaber and hands that firmly hold this weapon.

how to draw luke skywalker's lightsaber

Stage 7

We are practically at the home stretch. In this step, we will draw the final outer outlines of Luke Skywalker’s legs and lower torso. There are many folds of fabric on the shin area, pay attention to this. Also, don’t forget to draw the hem, which is located on the bottom of the shoe.

how to draw luke skywalker step by step easy

Stage 8

We remove extra lines from our Jedi. Add some shadows to the fabric under the sleeves and on the top of the pants. We will also paint small shadows on the hair of our character and in the neck area. To make this step more convenient, you can first draw outlines of the areas to be shaded and then paint over those areas.

how to draw luke skywalker

We hope this was an easy drawing guide for you. Don’t forget to write us your opinion about this tutorial. This helps us make our website better.

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