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How to Draw Dreadnought

how to draw dreadnought

Today I will tell you how to draw Dreadnought from Warhammer 40 000. This formidable destruction machine is worth it to draw. In fact, the Dreadnought is one of the most recognizable war machines in the world of Warhammer 40,000.


Step 1

First, we outline the outline of the body of this creepy killing machine. The corpus looks like the body of an athletic man with broad shoulders and a very narrow pelvis. In general, we see three figures that are located from large to small from top to bottom.

how to draw dreadnought step by step


Step 2

In this step, we will depict the hands of the dreadnought. Rather, it is not hands but a powerful manipulator on the left and a minigun with killer damaging power on the right. Pay special attention to the size and relative position of the “fingers” of our dreadnought.

how to draw dreadnought easy

Step 3

Now we will draw the conditional “legs”. These are the lower extremities in which there are prototypes of the thigh and lower leg. The combat vehicle moves on powerful three-fingered supports. Between all parts of the lower extremities there are very thin sections.

how to draw dreadnought easy step by step

Step 4

In this step, we will draw the details of the upper part of the Dreadnought body. We depict two large polygons on the sides and panels that are located in the center. Do not forget to draw a couple of pipes on the back of our combat machine.

dreadnought drawing

Step 5

We move through the levels, as you have noticed. Now we are at an average level, and here we see the upper limbs and the middle part of the body. Let’s draw the details, such as the holes in the trunk of the minigun and the phalanx on the fingers of the combat arm.

dreadnought drawing step by step


Step 6

In this step, we detail the conditional lower level, i.e. approximate localization of the lower extremities. We circle the edges of the fingers on the limbs. Draw the rounded lateral surfaces of the prototype joints.

how to draw dreadnought warhammer 40 000


Step 7

We are completing this drawing lesson. At this stage, we erase all the excess guide lines, and also check the entire sketch for errors and inaccuracies.

how to draw dreadnought easy warhammer 40 000


Step 8

This is the last step of the guide about how to draw a Dreadnought from Warhammer 40 000. Here we apply small shadows to areas that are hidden from the light. It looks like a wide light sweeping hatch.

how to draw dreadnought

This lesson required you a little skill in working with geometric shapes and straight lines. We hope you get an excellent result and your dreadnought is more formidable and realistic than in our sample.

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