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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice | Movie Review

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It has been many years since the release of Batman v Superman, but because of the never-ending hate towards this film, I would like to make a brief review.

Superman’s battle with General Zod, which could be seen in Man of Steel, left significant consequences in the form of destroyed buildings and injured people. This event divided the opinion of mankind into two fronts: while some extolled their savior descended from heaven, others saw in him only a threat.

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From the first minutes of the film, all attention is concentrated on Bruce Wayne, who, making his way through the chaos reigning in the city, sees with his own eyes the fall of his corporation’s skyscraper. From his brutal gaze directed toward the alien in latex, even the most cold-blooded will become uneasy.

batman v superman batman in armor

I want to praise Ben Affleck instantly: he ideally suited this role, confidently portraying the brutal defender of Gotham City.

Batman is cruel and merciless here: it’s quite unusual to watch him mercilessly leave the stigma on the body of enemies in the form of his Bat symbol or calmly spread them on the asphalt. Here are the reasons for the conflict of two superheroes.

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A similar situation suits Lex Luthor, who, either out of boredom or out of an excess of finances, is happy to watch the growing hostility of the heroes towards each other and gradually provokes both sides.

Add to everything else Lex’s envy for the “carriers” of superpowers. Eisenberg coped with the role perfectly: his character diluted the harsh atmosphere of the film with ironic and witty comments, gradually demonstrating progressive psychopathic inclinations.

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In “Batman v Superman”, all the actors conscientiously approached the matter, sincerely trying to skillfully present their characters. For example, Jeremy Irons turned out to be a stunning Alfred, not a bit worse than Michael Kane.

And how beautiful Wonder Woman performed by Gal Gadot! In addition to her beauty, she confidently embodies the image of a strong and independent woman. Although she has very little screen time, the actress leaves the most positive impressions about herself.

batman v superman dawn of justice

But not everything is so good in Batman v Superman. Or rather, not everything is so good in Batman v Superman version for movie theaters. The fact is that the film in no case can not be watched in this version. All the most significant moments that glue the plot are cut from this version. And because of this, you might think that the movie consists of fragments, sketches on DC universe.

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The unearthly beauty from the first shots grabs the viewer with its sinewy hands and injects a portion of aesthetic pleasure into the vein, plunging into a careless noir.

Almost every fragment of the film I want to pause, print at maximum resolution and enjoy it again and again. Every drop of rain, the smallest speck of dust or a fallen leaf not only emphasizes the reigning atmosphere but also touches the edges of the soul.

batman v superman from the sky

Zack Snyder is a true artist. And this is evident in all the details, both large and smallest. Colors that make reference to the works of Jacques-Louis David, character movements, as if inspired by antique statues, granular image, as if conveying strokes of paint on the canvas.

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Any fool can criticize such works, scooping up the flaw after the flaw. It’s much harder to stop grumbling and look for the good and the valuable, which is a lot in BvS. There are enough memorable, powerful, pleasant, atmospheric and peaceful scenes – there is something to remember and something to enjoy.

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Batman v Superman is, of course, also a good introduction to the upcoming Justice League. True, if some references were moved from the middle of the tape to the final part, a more pleasant aftertaste would remain.

batman v superman review

The film turned out to be old-fashioned, very different from modern superhero crafts. It’s worth looking at least once for the sake of an incomparable visual, amazing action and great acting. And especially to those who are tired of the jocular conveyor from Marvel.

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