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Ho-ho-ho! Warhammer 40k Christmas Presents!

Christmas has come and, well, what a Christmas without gifts!Warhammer 40k gifts for Christmas!

My wife knew what I wanted as a Christmas gift, it was this beautiful Kill Team Drop Force Imperator set:

Kill Team Drop Force Imperator set - best Сhristmas present form my wife!

I’m so happy that I received this box as a gift! In my opinion, Astra Militarum Tempestus Scions are one of the coolest models in Warhammer 40k! Munitorum armoured containers, promethium barrels and supply crates are wonderful elements of terrain. In short, I am infinitely happy to get this set as a Christmas present!

In addition, the wife presented me these two paints:

Citadel paints - useful gift for Christmas!

She has known that I need Auric Armour Gold paint for highlighting golden parts of my Ultramarines armour. Also, she has known that I really like Citadel texture paints but the only texture paints that I have had are Agrellan Earth and Martian Ironearth.

And one more small addition to the main gift seems very cute to me. It’s an old issue of the White Dwarf magazine:

old issue of White Dwarf magazine - very cute gift for Christmas!

Some time ago I told my wife about how I like Games Workshop idea of Genestealers Cult faction. She remembered it and found White Dwarf magazine issue that I didn’t have.

Merry Christmas, my dear readers!

If you’re wondering what I gave to my wife for Christmas, it’s a very beautiful dress. So she’s also happy with her gift!) Make nice gifts for dear people, show them that you know what they want and what are they interested in! Merry Christmas!

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