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Top Characters of the Ultimate Universe

Hello! At one time, the world was struck by the restart of several Marvel Comics stories. We saw a completely new look of familiar characters. Some ideas created the history of comics. Other ideas were misunderstood and repulsive.

Therefore, today I decided to recall this very popular universe (subuniverse) and discuss those characters who turned out to be the most effective and memorable. I decided to do this in the form of a rating of superheroes from Ultimate. Each of the participants in this rating should be cooler than his alter ego from the classic Marvel universe. Let’s get to know these superheroes!



1.Black Cat

This fatal beauty appeared on the pages of comics in the distant hot July 1979. Since then, you could see her in different comic series. But only in Ultimate she was portrayed as picturesque as possible on the pages of popular comics.


The scriptwriters and artists of Ultimate also depicted very expressive scenes of a cat fight between the Black Cat and Electra.



2.Green Goblin

You could see this worst enemy of Spider-Man in many subjects and universes. A lot of artists portray the Green Goblin as a freaky clown on a strange aircraft. It’s not really scary, actually.


And we see a creature that looks like a frightening demon from Tartarus in the Ultimate universe.





This is another character who looked like a classic supervillain from 1960s comics. You could see the bright shoes and this strange star on the face.


In the world of Ultimate, this is a gloomy and mysterious character that looks like an alien. Electro in the universe of Ultimate does not have much physical strength. But the appearance of this character is very awesome.



4.Jean Gray

This red-haired beauty is known to all fans of the X-Men. However, only the comic book artists Ultimate X-Men ventured to portray her with a short haircut. Also, the new form of the team of mutants makes Jean Gray more colorful and vibrant.


By the way, you can look on this picture. The brilliant artist Adam Coubert portrayed one of the first attacks of the Phoenix, it is very bright scene.




Sabretooth is Wolverine’s main enemy and one of Marvel’s most frightening characters in general. There are many fans of Sabretooth’s traditional appearance, but everyone will agree that it is very bright and colorful.


Sabretooth must personify brute force, a real evil that is backed up by incredible physical power. In the Ultimate comics, he looks especially creepy, so we decided to put Victor Creed in 5th place of our top.





Rhino is an episodic character in the Ultimate comics, however here he looks like a huge machine for destruction. Rhino is an incredibly flexible and at the same time a giant mechanism that destroys everything in a row.His size and its aggressiveness are really scary.


In classic comics you can see only a big guy in a suit with a funny animal face.




You were probably surprised by this character on the list, right? The appearance of Venom in Ultimate has minimal differences from the options from the classic comics. But there are huge differences in a concept.

In all traditional stories, Venom is an alien from distant worlds. This is something alien to all earthly and human things.

Venom in the Ultimate universe is an attempt by mankind to defeat the worst disease ever – cancer. This is an out-of-control medicine. This is absolute good, which, due to uncontrolled events, has become an absolute evil.



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