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Might & Magic X: Legacy

might and magic x legacy review

It has been a long time since the release of Might & Magic X: Legacy, which fans have been waiting for twelve years. The previous game from the Dark Messiah of Might and Magic series, which was made completely three-dimensional, failed. Time goes by, the flaws of the series are forgotten, and nostalgia is becoming stronger.

might and magic x legacy

The Might and Magic series and, in particular, the Swords of Xeen set the tone for the development of all RPGs (not to be confused with Heroes of M&M). Here were the stats of the characters, a huge number of skills, interesting and exciting quests, an upgrade of professions, as well as a huge number of bosses and monsters.

Swords of Xeen

We can say that most MMORPGs took a lot of ideas from the world of M&M. Games in the series stopped coming out after 2002. Fans are tired of the authors’ constant self-repetition, they went into new projects with the free world without “moving around the cells.” Competitors quite successfully introduced turn-based combat in Fallout 3, but it was almost the only experiment.

Fallout 3 step by step

Legend of Grimrock came out in 2012, bringing us back to our favorite dungeons. First-person view and, of course, step-by-step mode. The floor of the dungeons is divided into equal squares. When moving on one cell, the monster also performs an action.

legend of grimrock

I must say that the developers were looking for inspiration not only in the Might and Magic series but also in rogue-like RPGs. The number of secrets, caches, traps, puzzles and paths to the next level was simply fantastic. Modern graphics also helped – in some places people got used to the atmosphere so much that they were afraid of rustling and other sounds.

might and magic x legacy Battle

Let’s get back to Might and Magic X. Does it have everything that we liked about the original game and Grimrock?


Might & Magic X: Legacy. A step by step legacy?

Of course, the graphics are at a good level, but the requirements are decent too. The filling of the world is excellent. There are both favorite quests, and improved professions with unique capabilities, and interesting battles with different effects that monsters impose on the characters.

might and magic x legacy Battle fights

There are caches and secrets, but an incident came with traps. You can find such only in a few dungeons. After that, they are made in the form of a “room with traps”. Facial oversimplification of the series, but it is not scary. Only the number of roughnesses and imperfections scares. With the claimed “dream” effect and things with protection from it, not a single mob casts it.

might and magic x legacy review of the game

Game difficulty is very unstable. At the beginning of the game, it is easy. Then it is very difficult, then it becomes very easy. After that, the difficulty increases again. The reason is that in the middle of the game it is easy to lose the thread of the narrative. It turns out the game is not so casual.

might and magic x Legacy art

In conclusion, I can say that with the “Warrior” complexity, the game becomes a serious opponent even for a fan of turn-based RPGs. If you relate to them, the game should be acquired without delay. If you only play games from the Bethesda and MMORPG studios, then you may feel too constrained in the world divided into small squares.

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