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Spider-Man (2000): How This Game Changed Everything

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Greetings, time travelers and web sling fans! Today we take a nostalgic trip back to the year 2000 to re-explore one of the most iconic Spider-Man games.

Yes, we’re talking about the same game that has many of us sitting in front of our screens for hours, trying to catch baddies in our web. But fear not, this review will be non-stop until three in the morning (well, almost).

Are you ready to feel the taste of adventure again, full of pixels and a sense of justice? Then, set up your modems, let’s begin!

Spider-Man game review


The gameplay of Spider-Man combines elements of action, adventure and platforming. The player controls Spider-Man, who can run, jump, climb walls, use his web to move and create various objects, and fight enemies. The web is used not only to move through levels, but also in battle: with its help you can create protective cocoons or traps for opponents.


The game’s plot is inspired by Spider-Man comics. It begins with Peter Parker (Spider-Man) accused of stealing technology that was actually stolen by his evil doppelganger. To clear his name, Peter must pursue the real criminal, battling various enemies and ultimately uncovering a larger conspiracy.

Graphics and Design

The game offered impressive 3D graphics for its time, although they look dated by modern standards. The character and level designs were vibrant and dynamic, successfully conveying the atmosphere of the comics. The cityscapes, although relatively simple, gave the feeling of large open spaces.

Sound and Music

The sound design of the game was excellent: character voice acting, action sounds and background music contributed to the immersion in the gameplay. It is especially worth noting the voice of Spider-Man, which added humor and lightness to the game.

Ports of the 2000 Spider-Man Game

  • PlayStation: The original version, released on PlayStation, was the most popular. It offered smooth animation and crisp graphics for its time.
  • Nintendo 64: The N64 version had similar graphics and gameplay quality, but due to the limitations of the N64 cartridges, it featured less voiced dialogue than the PlayStation version.
  • Sega Dreamcast: This version was similar to the PlayStation, but with improved graphics thanks to the more powerful capabilities of the Dreamcast. It also offered better textural detail.
  • PC: The PC version featured graphics settings that could be adapted to the capabilities of the user’s computer. It also supported high resolution and texture detail.

Game Features

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Costumes: There were many different costumes for Spider-Man in the game, each with their own unique abilities and appearance. Some of them could be unlocked by completing certain tasks or finding secrets.

Collecting Comics: Comics scattered throughout the levels allowed players to learn more about the Spider-Man universe. By collecting them, additional materials could be unlocked, such as art and additional information about the characters.

Secrets and Easter Eggs: The game contained many secrets and Easter eggs, including references to other Marvel characters, hidden levels, and special abilities.

Cheat Codes: There were many cheat codes in the game that unlocked various features such as immortality or all costumes.

Influence on Subsequent Spider-Man Games

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The 2000 Spider-Man game had a significant influence on subsequent superhero games:

Setting the Standard: It set the standard for gameplay, story, and visuals in Spider-Man games that subsequent developers have built upon.

Using a variety of suits: The concept of multiple suits with different abilities was popular and was used in many subsequent games.

More emphasis on story: Focusing on a deep, compelling story became the norm in subsequent Spider-Man games.

World and Character Development: The game showed that in superhero games it is not only the action that is important, but also the development of the world and characters, which was taken into account in subsequent releases.

Thus, 2000’s Spider-Man played a key role in shaping the superhero genre and left a significant mark on the history of video games.

Spider-Man (2000): Conclusion

Spider-Man 2000 review

And now we have come to the end of our web adventure. I hope you enjoyed this delightful immersion into a world where the only thing that ages faster than the graphics are jokes about dialog boxes.

We tried not to delve too deeply into the technical jungle, so as not to lose those who are hearing about ‘polygon models’ for the first time. But if you want to take out your old PlayStation (or emulator, we’re not judging) and replay this masterpiece, then our mission is accomplished.

Thank you for joining us on this small but important journey through time. See you in the next reviews, and remember: with great power comes great responsibility… and great video games!

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