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How to Paint Munitorum Supply Crates WH 40k

Today I’ll show you how to paint munitorum supply crates, one of the most interesting Warhammer 40k terrain elements.

As always, first of all, we have to prepare crates to prime using sandpaper.

After that, we can start priming.

Step 1

Army Painter primer:

  • Base Primer Matt Black.

The most important here is to prime crate from all angles.

Step 2

Citadel base paints:

  • Waaagh! Flesh;
  • Retributor Armour.

Well, it’s ok to use any green and gold paints, for example, you can paint as I did.

You can finish on this step if you like how it looks clear munitorum supply crates.

But I think that there is no place for anything clear in 40 century. Besides shades make everything more volume and realistic.

Step 3

Citadel shade paint:

  • Agrax Earthshade.

Compare, which option do you like better. On the left – clean, shaded on the right (as for me, shaded containers look better):

I hope this post helped you a little with how to paint munitorum supply crates. Use more terrain, guys, your game table will look much better!

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