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How to Draw a Space Marine

How to draw a spacemarine

So we got to the most famous unit from Warhammer 40,000. Today we face a mighty and formidable Space Marine. True Warhammer fans also know these soldiers as Adeptus Astartes. These guys are a real prop for for the empire of mankind. It is for this reason that we will tell you today how to draw a Space Marine.


Step 1

First, we outline the basic features of the figure of our mighty soldier. Immediately dwell on the features. Each Space Marine has a very powerful body. Also, do not forget about the armor that makes his figure even larger and more powerful.

So in this step we see two horizontally elongated large figures and a small vertical one. Note that the upper head is almost half overlapped by the chest line.

How to draw a spacemarine from warhammer 40 000

Step 2

Now we will outline the contours of large hands. A feature of this step is the complete absence of smooth bends. The contours are very rough and wide. The upper parts of the arms are covered with heavy massive shoulder pads.

how to draw warhamer 40 000 space marine

Step 3

To complete the work with the silhouette of the space marines, we will try to draw the contours of his legs. Once again, you see coarse broad contours that become even wider in a downward direction. There should not be any smooth bends here.

how to draw space marine step by step

Step 4

So we are ready volumetric silhouette of our space marines. Let’s now drill it down. First of all, we will work with a helmet and with a chest. On the helmet, we draw the contours of the eyes and lateral thickenings. In the center of the chest we outline a skull with wings.

how to draw space marine easy

Step 5

We apply small borders on the shoulders and on the armor element that covers the chest. The hem should completely follow the outline of the base lines of the armor.

how to draw space marine easy step by step

Step 6

Next in line we have the contours of the left fist and both forearms. The width of the clenched fist should not exceed the width of the forearm. In the area of the elbow joints is a figure that looks like an elastic fiber.

how to draw warhammer space marine easy

Step 7

The Space Marine is known not only for hand-to-hand combat but also for unfaithful firepower. At this point we will depict the outline of a firearm. Use perfectly straight lines, pay attention to individual parts of the gun such as the butt, barrel and scope.

space marine drawing easy

Step 8

We draw a plate that protects the inguinal region and powerful armor that are located on the hips. Between the armor on the legs and hips, we have figures that look like elastic fabric.

space marine drawing easy step by step

Step 9

So we are already at the finish line. In this step, we will outline the final lines of the knee joints, lower legs and heavy boots. If you notice that the legs and especially the shoes look huge and very massive, then you are moving in the right direction.

space marine drawing tutorial

Step 10

We always highlight a separate step in order to evaluate the whole picture and trace each step. If you find any errors, feel free to delete them in this step. Also here we remove the extra guide lines from the previous steps. Be especially careful because we work with one of the main features of the Warhammer 40 000 Universe.

space marine drawing tutorial

Step 11

So we have the last stage of the guide on how to draw a Space Marine. We can only apply light shadows. To do this, we draw the borders of the shaded areas and then cover them with light shading. The shadow should be located in places that are closed from the light. It depends on the angle and position of your character.

How to draw a spacemarine

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