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Death Guard Poxwalkers Pack Painted

painted Death Guard Poxwalkers pack 1

The first pack of Death Guard Poxwalkers is finally painted! These guys look really nice at the table.

Usually, I show my figures from different angles, so if somebody likes the way I paint my figures they are able to paint figures using the same scheme. Here are these guys from behind:

painted Death Guard Poxwalkers pack 1 from behind

And of course, I’ll show you all of them separately. Here are my painted poxwalkers figures in the sequence I painted them:


painted poxwalker figure 1

  • second:

painted poxwalker figure 2

  • next:

painted poxwalker figure 3

  • once I’ve done that:

painted poxwalker figure 4

  • last but ont least:

painted poxwalker figure 5

Finally, here are all of them together at parting:

painted poxwalkers figuresBy the way, it’s really easy and fast to paint death guard poxwalkers. These guys were painted mostly by shade citadel paints. Light primer (white or gray), shade paint (brown, green and purple) and base or layer paints. After that, just shade parts painted by base and layer paints, highlight a little and decorate figures bases. That’s it, they’re ready to take part in battles on your table!

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