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Age of Empires | Retro Review

Age of Empires retro review

What game comes to your mind when you hear the word RTS? I immediately think about Age of Empires.Age of Empires ii review

There were generally three games called Age of Empires. But the third frankly failed, and therefore I will talk about the first and second parts. Those who played remember that the first and second parts are very similar.

It all began, oddly enough, with Civilization, the first part of which was not only a cool game but also gave the industry some cool game designers.

One of them was Bruce Shelley, who, after the release of Sid Meier’s Civilization at number one, left MicroProse and created his own company Ensemble Studios, and in 1997 the first part of the Age of Empires came out.

Age of Empires one

As in Civilization, there are different nations, they also have differences, they also fight for supremacy in the world, but unlike Citation, everything is in the real-time. This makes the game noticeably more dynamic.

You begin in the primitive communal system, then go through the centuries, though without modernity. Games end around the age of gunpowder, around the beginning of the revival. Parties are not long, about an hour long.

Age of Empires game review

When the game came out, the boom of 3D strategies began (Total Annihilation for example). And of course, Age of Empires was supposed to take the attention of gamers with its gameplay, remaining a deeply two-dimensional game.

And Bruce Shelley with his Ensemble Studios made a really interesting game, although many at that time said that it was nothing more than a mixture of Civilization and Command and Conquer.

Age of Empires review of the game

The civilizations in the game really have differences, and they really mean the original game for each nation.

I’m not really making a distinction between the first or second part since the second part was different from the first for the most part with improved graphics, the addition of some nations and the change of some mechanics. Yes, in those days it was more likely to call it an addon, not a sequel.

Age of Empires two

Twenty years have passed since the release of the Age of Empires II, and many people still play it. This is not only due to the fact that there Age of Empires II with hight definition, but also because morally the game is not out of date at all.

After the second part, the third part came out, from which they expected a completely different one. It seems that most of the forces were put on the graphic. Only six nations remained (after dozens of the second part). There was no balance, but there were some strange improvements.

Age of Empires three

Age of Empires 4

At the moment, the rights to Age of Empires belong to Microsoft. Recently, the fourth part was announced, and there is even an official trailer.

[kad_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFlVNtGJVDU” width=800 ]


So I, I think, like you, really hope that this game will follow in the footsteps of Age of Empires II and not the third part. One way or another, we can only wait and hope. And of course, follow the updates on the official website and wait for new videos on YouTube.


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